442.150 MHz Multi-Mode Repeater Back on BRANDMASTER

The 442.150 MHz Multi-mode repeater has been returned to the Brandmaster system, just like the 145.440 MHz repeater. The alternative TGIF system which we had been connected to for DMR for the past few weeks has been experiencing technical problems, and lacked the ability to make the main talkgroup dynamic (push-to-talk). This resulted in the repeater remaining in transmit mode on an extended basis even when no local hams were using a talkgroup, which prevented other local users from using Dstar, Fusion, FM or other systems. If the TGIF network matures to the point where we can determine which talkgroups are static on our repeater, we may revisit a connection to them.

Updated: October 5, 2018 — 19:37
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