Sponsor: Westmoreland Emergency Amateur Radio Service
Date: FEBRUARY 27, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM (Walk-ins accepts / preregistration preferred)
Contact: Abraham Smith
Location: Marguerite Fire Department, 138 Continental Drive, Latrobe, PA

Note: the $15 testing fee may be paid by check payable to “ARRL”. Will accept cash, but prefer a check. Test takers must supply their own pen, pencil and scratch paper. You will also need two (2) forms of ID. If you are upgrading, you MUST bring a copy of you current amateur radio license. Please have your FRN available which you can obtain from the FCC Website. TAKE YOUR TEST WHILE THE FEE IS STILL $15 (INCREASE TO $35 COMING IN NEAR FUTURE WHEN FCC SETS EFFECTIVE DATE.)

L. Abraham Smith, N3BAH

VE and Board Member, WEARS amateur radio club

Updated: January 30, 2021 — 10:28
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