The 145.150 MHz repeater at the Bear Cave site has been replaced and is now an FM and multi-mode digital repeater. There is NO internet connectivity, ergo you cannot connect over the Brandmaster, TGIF, Wires-X, D-Star reflectors, etc.

We also added a NEW repeater on 146.490 MHz at the same site which is also an FM (PL 131.8) and multi-mode digital machine. THIS IS A NON-STANDARD TX SPLIT OF 1.00 MHZ. There is NO internet connectivity, ergo you cannot connect over the Brandmaster, TGIF, D-Star reflectors, etc. HOWEVER, this machine has an RF link to a Wires-X node providing the capability to connect to Wires-X rooms, and Doc Sam often has it linked to the Keystone-West room. If you link to a room PLEASE unlink when you leave.

Here are the particulars:

145.150 MHz (-600 kHz offset) FM PL 131.8

146.490 MHz (+1.00 MHz offset) FM PL 131.8

BOTH repeaters operate independently and will pass DMR (both slot 1 and slot 2) and you and the other operator need to use the same slot, Color code 1, and the talkgroup you desire. (For example, we suggest a convention of Slot 2, Color Code 1 and Talkgroup 9 for local comms.) Their is also Fusion (C4FM) but no Wires-X or YSF room connectivity. The machine is also equipped for P-25 Phase 1, using a NAC of 293. And also NXDN, using a RAN of 1. Whatever mode you go into the repeater is the mode that will be repeated. We STRONGLY suggest that FM users program the 131.8 PL in both encode and decode (transmit/receive) so that you are not bothered by the sound of digital transmissions that may occur.

NOTE: We are aware that the 911 FM legacy fire and EMS paging on 154.040 MHz and 155.160 MHz interferes with these repeaters, and can totally wipe out their ability to receive our analog and digital transmissions on the input frequencies. Be aware of this as it may interfere with your comms at times and could lead you to incorrectly believe there is something wrong with your radio or that you’re being QRM’d. We will be working on a solution.

Updated: April 25, 2021 — 16:50
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