Calendar of Nets

The following VHF/UHF nets are available on the WEARS repeater system:

Mondays, 9 PM, PA Dstar Net, REF063C, available on the 145.440 MHz and 442.150 MHz multi-mode repeaters.

Tuesdays, 8 PM, PA Statewide DMR Net, Brandmaster Talkgroup 3142, Slot 1, Color Code 1, available on the 145.440 MHz multi-mode repeater.

Wednesdays, 7:30 PM, WPA DMR Net, Brandmaster Talkgroup 31422, Slot 2, Color Code 1, on the available on the 145.440 MHz multi-mode repeater.

Wednesdays, 9 PM, the WEARS ACS FM  Net on the 147.180  MHz repeater (PL 131.8 Hz).  IMMEDIATELY  FOLLOWED by the WEARS UHF FM Net on the 442.275 MHz FM repeater (PL 131.8 Hz, suggest programming in both encode and decode.)

Thursdays, 8 PM, WEARS Thursday Night 10-meter Net on 28.350 MHz USB. The net is for the informal discussion of anything related or unrelated to amateur radio. The net is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. 

There are also the following HF Nets which may be of interest:

Monday through Fridays, 9 AM, 3983 KHz LSB, the PA Health and Wellness Net.

Saturday, 9AM, 3983 KHz LSB, the PA Western Area ACS Net.

Sunday, 8:30 AM, 3993.5 KHz LSB, the Central PA ACS Net (they accept checkins from our area as well.)

Sundays, 9 AM, 3990.5 KHz LSB, the PA ACS Net.

FIRST Sunday of each month, 8AM, 3993.5 KHz LSB, PEMA Statewide ACS Net.

[Updated 8/14/2022 by N3BAH]

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