The QUANSHENG UV-K5, which is also sold under the Anysecu brand name, is a highly modifiable radio. Via a firmware update you can add features such as expanded frequency ranges, SSB reception and a spectrum scope just to name a few. The radio is an inexpensive ($25 to $35 range) HT sold on Amazon and other sites. You can use a typical Baofeng cable to download the expanded firmware activating these capabilities. Here are links to the YouTube video with instructions, the firmware I used and the UVMOD website, which you need to use to download firmware to radio (you’ll need to access this site using the Chrome web browser in order for the process to work reliably).

Amazon site for one version of the radio: QUANSHENG UV-K5 Walkie Talkie Dual Band

Here’s a very helpful website about the process of firmware updating: article on webserial update technique

YouTube video with instructions (there are dozens of others with additional info on YouTube): Firmware upload instruction video

Firmware I used (there are other out there as well): uv-k5-firmware-fagci-mod-.bin

Have fun! Bring any questions or problems to next WEARS Business meeting and I’ll try to answer them.

Updated: February 4, 2024 — 13:36
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